Tam & Keola The Hawaiin Healers 



I am a Hawaiian Healer (Keola) from Hawaii and I assist people to become balanced (Lokahi) in mind, body and spirit. Helping them to release trauma/negative emotions from their past, limiting beliefs: (fear of failure, rejection, abandonment, undeserving and/or unworthy). Resolve conflicts (Ho’oponopono) with people, places and things, including Self & Spirit. I also teach empaths and sensitive people how to control their space. My form of cultural teaching and healing is primarily based on Aunty Mornah Simeona’s (well-respected Kahuna) works and teachings.

• 2009, 2012: Presented at the 23rd and 26th World Congress on Illumination; Tucson, AZ and Kauai, Hawaii.

• 2007-2010: Consultants for DOE, Central District, Science Based Behavioral Health (SBBH) Division.

• 2007: Selected as one of 11 healers from Hawaii to go to India to experience and share healing cultural practices.  

• 2013: Invited to Alaska to work on Veterans with PTSD.

• 2007: International Building Bridges Conference; Calgary Canada

• And many indigenous conferences…..


I met my wife (Tamara Conner) in 2012 at the World Congress of Illumination and we have been together ever since. She has her own healing (Angelic Light Healing) that was given to her from Spirit, but also does Hawaiian Healing with me, as well as A Telosian/Lemurian/Seven Sacred Flames Facilitator! 

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