For years, all I’ve ever heard is, “you’re wise beyond your years”, and I suppose I’ve always known that to be true.  I’ve always felt something/someone watching over me, calling out to me, beckoning me, summoning me spiritually.  After having my twin boys, Kelvi and Kharon, I was in no uncertain terms faced with a very powerful realization of being spiritually gifted, and even then I continued to run. A couple of years ago a very special, gifted angel finally blew the horn on me and I could no longer deny what are clearly God’s gifts and intentions are, which very fortunately have been, bestowed upon me.  I have now come to accept these gifts with grace, humility and immense gratitude and my only desire is to share them with the world and those who may be in need, of any kind. 

I’ve read and helped heal the minds and hearts of a copious number of  family members, friends, associates, and peers.  They always express gratitude, but, it is I, who is blessed to have had the opportunity to assist them in their journey.  Knowing that I have assisted others propels me forward in my own journey.  I truly believe in spiritual and soul commerce, an exchange of healing, universal love, learning and understanding beyond our bodies, this space and time.


I am Clairaudient, which gives way to my Clairvoyance, an Empath/Sensitive and an Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Reader. I am also, capable of channeling messages from the subconscious/higher-self and the universe. I deploy all my gifts in order to seek and find the answers and best possible solutions to bringing peace of mind and spirit.

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