Focus: Astrology, Numerology

Karen Love is an active Astrologer and Numerologist and Owner/Founder of Brighter Insights Consulting Firm.

“ I’m here to Help you & guide you to live life in rhythm with the universe and enable you to make successful decisions regarding love, life, career and everything in between.”


As a child I was always attracted to Astrology by reading the weekly horoscopes and researching comparability and zodiac signs in the newspapers and fashion magazines. But by the time I was in high school I took a more in-depth jump into researching the amazing benefits of astrology.

By the time I graduated college I had amassed a large variety of books on astrology and was able to accurately guess strangers birthdays and zodiac signs.

After graduation from college I actually serendipitously met my Numerology teachers who have guided me and accurately taught me Pythagorean Numerology which has been around for hundreds of years!

Numerology was the missing piece in my studies and completely complements and validates astrology findings as well!!

Numerology will enable you to plan and live life in the right rhythm of the universe! Have you ever tried to start a project one day only to be met with continual obstacles and standstills only to start another day and have it effortlessly flow correctly and meaningfully? It’s dependent upon the energy of that day and your own personal life path!

Thats why I’m here to help you and guide you to a Brighter Insight for your daily life!!

Thank you for reading this far and I welcome with love and light to chat in person!


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