Elise Adam,

Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Medium, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Coach & Speaker As a child, I knew I was different than everyone else. I had a vivid imagination that took me to far off destinations and had many imaginary friends. In my teens, I began to see people’s pain and suffering, - how it was impacting their lives - what their future would look like when they overcame. For over 20 years I served as a counselor, teacher, leader, mentor and motivational speaker in the Christian church. In 2010, my life took a drastic turn that sent me on a path of enlightenment - seeking to understand the spiritual realm from a metaphysical perspective. I have lived many lives in one - I have overcome much and understand much. I bring strong intuition, clarity, encouragement and coaching to my readings. As a Spiritual Coach, I assist others with self-inquiry work to discover their authentic self. My greatest desire is to see others fully live in the freedom they deserve. It is a privilege for me to see into another person’s life and speak truths that will heal and help them walk their highest path.

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