Mari Weldon

Mari has the ability of connecting with your loved ones who have crossed over in a very different way.   Since Mari can actually see and hear souls in front of her, she sketches everything she sees around you during your reading. The sketch is yours to keep.  She inherited these abilities from her grandmother, Betty Mari. Her grandmother encouraged her to paint and draw since earliest childhood.  A trained fine artist, Mari graduated with a Bach of Fine Arts degree in 1985.     During your reading, most readees' spirit guides, angels or angelic presences appear. Mari has the ability to burn their image into her mind's eyes, go home and reproduce your spirit guide's image on Archival Bristol Board  to be delivered within four to six weeks. Please see examples on    Mari is clairvoyant (she can see souls who have crossed over), hear them (Clairaudient), sense them and feels their feelings. (clairsentient) as well as being a powerful empath. She can also feel how souls passed on, this is important so the readee realizes their loved one's death was without suffering and pain.     Some of the most touching readings she has given are when the readee's beloved pets come through.  Widely known as "the girl who draws the dead," Mari is passionate about reconnecting people with their loved ones so they realize they never lost them.  She has given readings via FaceTime, Skype and the internet all over the world. From Pakistan to India, Canada to London England, and all over the United States.  Mari is a graduate of Chuck Murphy's Zero to Psychic and Mediumship classes. She performs readings at multiple psychic fairs, people's homes as well as her own.  Email:   FB: Mari Weldon. 

PH. 972-334-0277.  Website:

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