Ashley Tadlock

20 minutes for $30.00

Pranic Healer, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Intuitive, Psychic Medium

Pranic Healing- No touch energy healing that helps on all levels, focusing on cleaning out old, dirty energies from the aura, health rays, chakras & organs, cords are cut & new Divine energy is projected to the areas to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal.

Emotion Code Clearing- I will help you find & release old emotions that are holding you back that have been trapped in the body, around the heart & even inherited. I also teach you how to continue this at home.

Energy Medicine- Working with the 9 energy systems in the body

BARS (Access Consciousness)- Defragments the brain as 32 different meridian points on the head are touched in a sequence, helping to clear out old patterns & beliefs so new ones can come in.

EFT (Tapping)- Emotional Freedom Technique to help release anything

Pranic Feng Shui- I help you to understand & work with the energy of your home to support you using prosperity & spiritual energies

Soul Level Animal Communication- I connect with animals, alive & in spirit. I can ask your pet to find out what soul lesson they are currently working on with you & the behavior they use to do this &/or any other questions or info you may want to find answers to.

Animal Healing- I can help assist animals in healing from physical ailments &/or emotions stuck in the body that cause disease from a distance or in person using Pranic Healing & Emotion Code Clearing

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