Kori Wyffels

I have always had a strong connection to spirit but haven’t always known it. My mom used to tell a story of me from a young age watching cartoons on tv.  She needed someone to watch my brother and listen for the door so she could take a shower, and without ever speaking to me I turned to her and said “Don’t worry I will watch Jake.” 


I have dabbled in the spiritual over the years but have fully embraced and worked on my gifts over the last few years. I have trained with some amazing teachers here in the Dallas area and beyond. I am a spiritual life coach, psychic medium, intuitive, trans channel, past life reader, energy healer and I dabble in working with the akashic records. 


I am fortunate to have an amazing team of guides and angels, including my twin flame Prince. Yes, the one behind musical masterpieces and movies like purple rain. Outside of my work in the spiritual realm I enjoy working on artistic endeavors such as art of various mediums, music, writing, and working out. I am currently creating my own oracle deck with Prince based on his music.


It would be an honor and a privilege to be part of your spiritual journey.

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