Ei Stafford

Ei is a descendant of the Black Douglas Clan in Scotland and channels her ancestors as she interprets the Tarot Cards. She is also a 2nd generation Palm Reader and for over 28 years she has counseled clients with a Medium Touch.  Ei  has  worked numerous amounts of Psychic Fairs in the DFW area as well as the "Magic Time Machine" restaurant in Addison. In her sessions she receives detailed information on her client pertaining to their personal situations dealing with, work/career, relationships, love, finances, big decisions & their overall health situation. Through the cards she is able to offer guidance to help guide her client to the best possible outcome.   Her  palm readings are very unique and are a perfect tool to better understand each specific client and give them more insight on the life they were destined to live. Ei has a great following that she has maintained for many years. 

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