Dora Solymosi

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Certified Matrix Drops Computer Instructor

Matrix Drops Quantum Computer Scan - Nutrition - Reflexology

Holistic Alternative Health

972.839.6635, Dallas - DFW 


My services are:

Provide a holistic approach using three main components.

Mind & Body Scan / I perform an assessment with a new quantum physical innovation called Matrix Drops Computer. From this summary of information disturbances in your body like energies, emotions, thoughts, and soul the computer will be able to give you personalized guidance to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Reflexology / I practice a holistic technique by stimulating every organ system’s reflex zone on the foot in a special sequence to achieve maximum health benefits.

I use this evidence- based method because it can harmonize your body, mind, and spirit to induce self- healing.

Nutrition / I assist in establishing personalized and simple to follow long-term healthy eating habits. This is for people who want to feel better, have more energy and reduce risk of developing disease. 

All three areas can help eliminate any disturbing effects around and inside the body. They will create the perfect circumstances to naturally evoke the body’s own healing power.


Dora has a BA in cultural studies and she is a trained and certified Naturopath, Reflexologist and Alternative Massage and Movement Therapist in Europe. She also holds a Health and Wellness Coach certificate in the U.S.

She is also a certified Matrix Drops Computer Instructor and Matrix Drops Ambassador in Dallas, TX, U.S..


More than 20 years ago I had started the journey to explore a world from different perspectives. I’ve learned about reflexology, bio energy, bio resonance, chakras, homeopathy, nutrition, herbs and herbal remedies, chiropractic care, massages and tools from the realms of quantum physics: the Matrix Drops Computer and Matrix Drops Quintessences.

What had initially started out only to help myself and my family turned out to a much greater, and a much needed path for others. First, my relatives and friends looked for solutions from me, then my friends’ friends and so on….

The main driving force to me all the vast amount of knowledge, experience I have gathered throughout the years can serve and help people who are looking, and are ready, for change.

With the Matrix Drops Computer Assessments and Training method, I help those that are seeking spiritual development and those who would like to avoid unwanted problems.

In my experience, if someone has a serious health condition, going to the doctor won’t solve the problem by itself. Maybe it will help a little with the somatic symptoms for the time being, but to fix it for good, we need to do a lot more than that. We all are sophisticated beings and if we only address a tiny visible part of the whole because that's what we can see most of the time, it will not be enough. We have to strive to find the cause. In most instances multiple factors are involved usually. This road takes a great deal of investigation, self-reflection and learning.

We, as human beings, are extremely complex creatures as we have many layers that cannot be seen or touched, but they still belong to us and affect us greatly. These are, for example, our feelings or thoughts. This different viewpoint shows how the approach of trying to only address problems by considering the physical body alone would be an impossible way to fix them.

These assessments allow recognition's of undesirable behavioral patterns and offer solutions, that can help us on the way of change and assist us in finding a physical and spiritual balance. I am happy to unveil to everyone what Matrix Drops are and how you can help yourself to restore your mental well-being.

In our world most of us have all physical needs fulfilled, but still we are sadder than ever. Great unhappiness can be sensed as most people are suffering either physically or mentally.

We can change that!

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