Catherine Cates

Experience Your Inner Soul Guidance as I provide transformational messages from your Higher Self and Guides. To bring you the wisdom of your soul and the universe I channel the Divine and the Sirians.

Using my ability to see through time including past lives and the future I can identify multiple possibilities to ensure you get what you desire. Let me guide you through your questions on family, love, career, purpose, etc.

As Psychology Today says, “The most important human need is validation.” I am an expert at providing clarity and validation with my highly tuned gifts of clairvoyance and claircognizance.

For more information on your soul purpose and destiny, I offer Akashic record readings by appointment.

If you are stuck and need a mindset shift or want to level up, I offer coaching packages providing deep core transformation.

Catherine Cates – Psychic, Akashic Record Reader, Author, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Business Consultant, Award-Winning Sales Career and Successful Entrepreneur, as seen on FOX TV.

I share with you much love and light, and am honored to assist you on your journey.

Catherine  469-850-2204

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